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Special Focus 


I offer one to one individual counselling sessions. At present I am offering counselling sessions via video platform, for example, Zoom or by telephone. I work as an Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor tailoring the therapeutic process to your needs. I have a strong foundation in the Person-Centred Approach which fosters a non-judgmental and empathic therapeutic relationship in which to explore client concerns. If appropriate and helpful I will offer up supportive strategies/interventions for you to utilize if you should wish to do so. I also employ a creative therapy approach if this suits your needs. 


Experiencing low mood or depression can be very debilitating and impact significantly on our day to day life. Symptoms can be complex and varied and can affect our ability to cope. Exploring your thoughts and feelings in therapeutic sessions not only increases understanding of self, but also develops understanding of the underlying triggers that bring about specific feelings we experience - identifying these, helps in the breaking of the cycle of depression. Together we can explore ways to alleviate and free up perhaps habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that have not been of benefit to you, helping you to manage, think and act differently. 


Experiencing change in any context - self, environment, circumstances, relationships, can feel emotionally distressing and very unsettling. Sharing thoughts and feelings at such a time can help manage such changes and bring some clarity and a way forward through difficult and confusing times. Being heard and listened to with empathy, understanding and compassion can support in the coping of difficult transitory experiences. 


Loss (past or present) may come in many varied forms - loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, loss of a relationship or way of life, loss of an occupation, loss of health or loss of a sense of self. Whatever the loss, the grief experienced can be overwhelming. Counselling can offer the opportunity to express feelings and support the processing of grief with empathy and compassion. 

ANXIETY STATES - generalized anxiety, fears, panic, obsessive-compulsive behaviours

Anxiety States can be eased or overcome by exploring worries and fears in a comfortable, safe environment. Identifying and recognizing specific triggers, thought patterns and behaviours can enable the placing of helpful strategies to diffuse anxious thoughts and feelings, bringing about a more resilient, positive and relaxed way of being. Shared exploration will assist in the building of coping skills, development of positive self-talk and improved levels of emotional health and wellbeing. 


Building self-esteem or self-confidence starts with recognizing our own strengths and skills. Through exploring self we can discover how we really see ourselves, what expectations we place on ourselves and what we believe about ourselves. Working together self-value can be explored, realized and encouraged to grow. 


Trauma affects our emotions, feelings, behaviour and our relationships. The therapeutic space of counselling sessions can provide a safe and nurturing environment within which to explore feelings and emotions. Experience of a kind, attentive, empathic counsellor can support  the reflection and articulation of fears, feelings and worries. Calming strategies to soothe self can be explored and practised. 


Counselling can help in the exploration of feelings and the exploration of why we may behave in a particular way. Gaining a deeper awareness of how we think and respond to our environment can bring about the desired positive changes we wish to make in the way we interact with others. Greater awareness of trigger points and support with introduced interventions can help with managing strong emotions that may be causing concern, bringing about balance and emotional confidence.


Support can be given to identify unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours. Therapeutic sessions can provide the confidential and safe space in which to explore any issues that undermine our emotional health. Help can be given to change entrenched ways of thinking or behaving that are not supportive to self. With increased self-awareness both health and self-esteem can begin to flourish . 

Talk and be heard - start the healing
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