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'I was feeling, as I think many of us are, overwhelmed by the pandemic, but for me it had a huge impact on my mental health and wellbeing. I became very depressed and anxious to the point where I didn't want to leave my home. I was introduced to Martine and after only a few sessions (in fact I think it was the first two) I began to see things more clearly and rationally. I found Martine to be really easy to talk to - I opened up completely and could voice my true feelings without reservation. Martine is a compassionate listener and gave me excellent ideas on what I could do to take back control. Thank you Martine - you got me through it!' 

'Thank you so much Martine for everything you have done for my son Luke. Luke is a completely different boy now and a lot of that is down to you.' 

'Thank you for getting me out of the storm' 

'The counselling sessions have given me the tools to work on myself and keep myself in balance. I will never forget this.' 

'I have the confidence in who I am now. I feel a lot stronger mentally. I feel confident looking into the future.' 

'As someone who finds  it hard to talk to people, Martine was warm and non -judgmental, making it easy to speak to her. She listened to my problems and I always felt a bit lighter after speaking to her'  

'I have gained great benefit from my counselling sessions with you'

'My daughter has got a lot out of  the counselling with you in terms of understanding and appreciating herself, and in the interactions with others. So a huge thank you from me for the work that you have done with her.'  

'Thank you so much for my ten sessions, I found them very useful.'

All testimonials are published anonymously to uphold client confidentiality.  
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